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2021 TP VOL 01
2021 TP Vol 01
$16.99 $12.74 (25% off!)
(W) Stephane Betbder (A) Stephane Bervas Escape from New York meets the X-Men! It's 2021, Detroit has seceded from the United States and it's citizens are under the control of a madman with extraordinary abilities. The only hope of retaking the city lies with four superpowered children but their powers come with a...
Publisher: Titan
Writer: Betbder, Stephane
Artist: Bervas, Stephane
Ark HC (MR)
$24.95 $18.71 (25% off!)
(W/A/CA) Stephane Levallois A nearly silent allegorical fable of man vs. nature that explores the medium's potential in a stunning, cinematic fashion. A lone figure in a diving suit drags an enormous wooden ark through the desert, scarring the earth with its deep furrow. A plane crashes. A zeppelin prowls the azure...
Publisher: Humanoids
Writer: Levallois, Stephane
Artist: Levallois, Stephane
Sanctum Redux GN (MR)
$34.95 $26.21 (25% off!)
(W) Stephane Betbder (A) Riccardo Crosa, Andrea Rossetto (CA) Christophe Bec This vast, full-color manga completely reworks Christophe Bec and Xavier Dorison's bestselling Sanctum saga, by adding new characters, extra background storylines and unexpected plot twists. All this means that the horrific tale of the USS...
Publisher: Humanoids
Writer: Betbder, Stephane
Artist: Crosa, Riccardo