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(W) MOSCARETO (A/CA) Okdong Get this Mature-rated Boys' Love webtoon/manhwa in English print for the first time! Seon-woo knows he's painfully average in every way, but he can't help pining for the hot new manager at work, Tae-moon. There's no way to tell if Tae-moon is even into men, or if he's the kind of dominant lover that submissive virgin Seon-woo yearns for in his deepest fantasies. All that changes when Seon-woo catches a glimpse of Tae-moon's phone notifications during a meeting. Those steamy messages coming through confirm everything Seon-woo's hoped for. He just needs to convince Tae-moon to give in to a night of passion, where Seon-woo will prove he can take anything Tae-moon throws at him? and then some!
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