Sam Timel

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(W) Sam Timel (A/CA) Corentin Milan K. Son of a Russian oligarch, he was born rich and was enrolled in one of the most exclusive boarding schools on the planet, when he abruptly lost everything. With his family murdered, and his wealth stolen by the Russian powers that be, he was left with nothing but the knowledge that escape was his only choice. Now, after having survived for years hiding under a fake name, his real identity is uncovered, and his past becomes a threat to his present.
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(W) Sam Timel (A) Jorge Miguel mprisoned by the thousands in the bowels of an uninhabited moon, they have been erased from official history. Xinthia has sworn that, one day, she will lead her people to the sun. After losing the imperial throne to the Kerkans, all members of the Khelek Dynasty and their allies were banished to the barren caves of Tazma. Sixty-five standard years later, their descendants are still held captive there. Xinthia has had enough. 'In 1972, the Moroccan king Hassan II escaped an attack organized by General Oufkir, a close relative. Oufkir was executed, but his wife and six children, the youngest of whom was only three, were thrown into a dungeon from which they would not emerge for nineteen years? It is from this event of unspeakable cruelty that I imagined the fate of the 'damned of Tazma.'' -Sam Timel
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