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(W) Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt (A) David Rubín (CA) David Rub?n New York Times-bestselling writers JEFF LEMIRE (GIDEON FALLS, DESCENDER), MATT KINDT (BANG!, MIND MGMT), and internationally acclaimed artist DAVID RUB?N (ETHER, BEOWULF) unite on this original graphic novel, COSMIC DETECTIVE. An epic science fiction mystery that asks: when a God is murdered, who solves the crime? Enter our Detective. The murder of a god threatens to tear apart the very fabric of our reality. Only our detective stands in the way of utter destruction. But will the mystery he uncovers be worse than the disaster he?s trying to avert? And will his mind crack under the revelations he?s about to uncover before he can do anything about it? Kindt and Lemire?s propulsive plotting pushes their protagonist into encounters with a colorful cast of characters in a variety of settings, from dingy parking garages to eerily austere medical facilities to interdimensional libraries overseen by floating imps. Rub?n renders each scene with incredible dynamism and a sense of scale that becomes more pronounced as the story build
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