Joe Aubrey

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(W) Joe Aubrey, Eric Peterson (A) Glint Langley & Various (CA) Darick Robertson Superstar artist Darick Robertson (The Boys, Happy!) is joined by acclaimed artists Simon Bisley, Clint Langley, Colin MacNeil, and Gabo for the second pulse-pounding volume, written by Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey! A Space Bastard can be anything-pervert, dope fiend, refugee, drunk, thief, or psychopath-but they don't care what you call them. All that matters is delivering packages and getting paid. That is, until a vicious attack leaves much of their number dead. Then, all that matters is sweet, sweet revenge! Lunatics like these don't want to be district manager or employee of the month. A Postal Carrier stays in the job because they've found the one thing in the IPS they couldn't find anywhere else: a home. One they will defend until the bitter end!
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(W) Joe Aubrey, Eric Peterson (A) Simon Bisley & Various (CA) Glenn Fabry A special, extra-sized one-shot from the mad minds behind SPACE BASTARDS! Postmaster General Roy Sharpton must rely on an untested green recruit to save the Intergalactic Postal Service! A fledgling entrepreneur crosses paths with a trio of Bastards! Planetary authorities try to get some answers after innocents are gunned down in a feathery, neon-pink bloodbath! Three short stories featuring art by Gabo, Boo Cook, and the legendary Simon Bisley, all under a cover by Glenn Fabry!
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(W) Joe Aubrey, Eric Peterson (A) Diego Rodriguez & Various (CA) Darick Robertson, Diego Rodriguez Acclaimed artist Darick Robertson (The Boys, Transmetropolitan, Happy!) joins writers Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey to bring you the tale of the galaxy's most dangerous employers: The IPS! In the future, unemployment and job dissatisfaction are sky-high. When you've got nothing left to lose, you join the Intergalactic Postal Service. Its postage fees are steep-and they go only to whomever ultimately fulfills the delivery, making every run a comically violent free-for-all between the most ruthless mercenaries in the cosmos! The interplanetary ensemble cast of Space Bastards, under the volatile leadership of Postmaster General Roy Sharpton, are constantly at each other's throats trying to settle scores and earn big money. But when a rival corporation's teleportation technology threatens to make their role in the galaxy obsolete, the Bastards must work together to preserve a job they've come to love.
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