Anita Kunz

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(W/A) Anita Kunz The award-winning artist Anita Kunz's depicts the most iconic paintings in the history of art - as if they had been painted by women. Conceived with delicious wit, and an eye for the telling detail, Kunz's recreations are not only stunning paintings in their own right but a sly, social commentary on the male-dominated history of Western civilization. Included, on each page opposite the painting, is a single paragraph biography of each woman artist. Another History of Art is a brilliantly satirical counterfactual history of art conceived, written, and painted by one of our most accomplished contemporary artists.
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(W) Anita Kunz What would Jimi Hendrix, Clint Eastwood, Ricky Gervais, Stephen King, and over a hundred other pop culture icons look like if they posed for your Live Drawing Class? Inspired by her own art students' struggles and triumphs with nude life drawing, Anita Kunz turns her brushes to nearly 150 speculative portraits of famous figures, stripped of their vanities and as unpretentiously posed as life models. Alone or grouped, male marvels and monsters and musicians stand, lean, and sit for the imaginary eye of the acclaimed painter and illustrator. Drawn with a casual wit, Kunz' caricatures combine with naturalism to undercut the mystique of her subjects. The well-known faces become less significant than the unknown bodies, as though the celebrities and creators are descending from their pedestals to pose. Less directly comic or polemical than her previous Another History of Art (Fantagraphics, 2021) Striking a Pose nevertheless includes a feminist flip on the role of the nude model; Kunz upends historical gender prejudices within the fine art world while also finding a welcom
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