Geoffrey Thorne

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(W) Geoffrey Thorne (A) ChrisCross (CA) Dexter Soy Blood Syndicate: Season One ? Wise Son, Tech-9, and Fade Return, But Who Will Rule Paris Island? Wise Son and Tech-9 have returned from their military tours in Afghanistan?and life in Dakota City could not be more different. While Icon and Rocket have been busy cleaning up the streets, Bang Babies have been forming rival gang factions. With Holocaust's influence?and super-powered army?growing, who will look out for the people of Paris Island when the capes aren't watching? What secrets do Wise and Tech hide from their time overseas? As the struggle for power on the chaotic streets spills into war?who will emerge victorious as the new kingpin of Paris Island? Original Blood Syndicate series artist CHRISSCROSS teams up with rising-star writer Geoffrey Thorne in this reimagining of the fan-favorite Milestone series! Collects Blood Syndicate: Season One #1-6.
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(W) Geoffrey Thorne (A) Tom Raney, Marco Santucci (CA) Bernard Chang Far Sector?s Jo Mullein?s first meeting with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps gets delayed when something causes the Central Power Battery to explode. Now faced with lost Lanterns across the cosmos and an unknown threat still stalking the Corps, Jo must team with Teen Lantern to uncover the truth and save the other Lanterns.
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(W) Geoffrey Thorne (A) Tom Raney, Marco Santucci, Various (CA) Bernard Chang The mystery of the Dark Sector begins to unravel. To rescue Kilowog and his squad of surviving Lanterns, John Stewart enters the realm of the Golden Centurions and their mysterious master, the Lightbringer. And on Oa, Jo Mullein's team closes in on those responsible for the destruction of the power battery. With trillions of lives in peril, John battles the godstorm and the challenge of its future states! Meanwhile, Jo solves the mystery of the Battery's destruction in time to see the rise of a new and ancient enemy. Is this the final end of Oa and the Green Lanterns? This volume collects Green Lantern #5-12 and Green Lantern 2021 Annual #1.
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