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(W) Garth Ennis (A) Steve Dillon, John McCrea (CA) Glenn Fabry In these tales from issues #41-66 and PREACHER SPECIAL: TALL IN THE SADDLE #1, Jesse Custer's dark journey to find God takes a detour as he becomes the sheriff of a troubled Texas town. Then, Custer decides it's high time to renew his quest to find God...
Publisher: DC COMICS
Writer: Ennis, Garth
Artist: Dillon, Steve
Release Date: 4/25/2018
(W/A/CA) Hiroyuki Yoshiko is a hopefully clueless high school girl. Her rock-paper-scissors strategy is 'rock.' She somehow gets zeroes on multiple-choice tests. And she has an often-nearly-fatal weakness for bananas. Her devoted friends have no choice but to hang around and make sure nobody takes advantage of her....
Writer: Hiroyuki,
Artist: Hiroyuki,
Release Date: 4/25/2018
(W) Simon Furman & Various (A) Jorge Lucas & Various (CA) Gabriele Dell'Otto The cosmic epic concludes, and the Marvel Universe will never be the same! Exiled and on the run, Ronan the Accuser faces the deadliest women in the galaxy - including Gamora! As war rages across the universe, Richard Rider, the new Nova...
Writer: Furman, Simon
Artist: Lucas, Jorge
Release Date: 4/25/2018
(W) Christos Gage, Jim McCann (A) Sean Chen & Various (CA) Billy Tan The Avengers Academy faces fear itself! No, not prom night - though they'll have to survive that, too, when the Sinister Six crashes the party! We mean FEAR ITSELF, as the Serpent's army assaults the Marvel Universe, and the squad must battle...
Writer: Gage, Christos
Artist: Chen, Sean
Release Date: 4/25/2018
(W) Ryohgo Narita (A) Shinta Fujimoto (CA) Katsumi Enami Three years after the Phantom Father incident, Firo is about to get a promotion within the Martillo Family. But the intricate web of fate has other plans in store for him as the elixir of immortality nears its completion, setting off a chain of events that...
Publisher: YEN PRESS
Writer: Narita, Ryohgo
Artist: Fujimoto, Shinta
Release Date: 4/25/2018
(W) Tom King (A) Joëlle Jones & Various (CA) Joëlle Jones Following Catwoman's answer to his marriage proposal, Batman leaves Gotham City on a quest of renewal and redemption in the desert. As he travels and fights, he encounters members of his family-each disturbed by Batman's journey, each ready to stand in his way...
Publisher: DC COMICS
Writer: King, Tom
Artist: Jones, Joëlle
Release Date: 4/25/2018
(W/A/CA) Yukito Kishiro The cyber-martial arts saga that has spanned a solar system and over two decades in print returns, with creator Yukito Kishiro's new sequel that reveals the true story of Alita's childhood on Mars, and the mind-bending adventures that still await her. For centuries, war has raged on the dusty,...
Writer: Kishiro, Yukito
Artist: Kishiro, Yukito
Release Date: 4/25/2018
(W/A) Various (CA) Dan DeCarlo The sensational sixties... a time of dreams, hopes, revolution and social change! The swinging seventies-a time of transition in America. Ever timeless, Archie and his friends came along for the ride! Journey back with us now in this eagerly anticipated second volume of THE BEST OF...
Writer: Various,
Artist: Various,
Release Date: 4/25/2018
(W/A/CA) Manuele Fior Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist Manuele Fior's Blackbird Days is a collection of ten short stories about a father who loses his son in a Berlin park, a teacher abandoning her students in Paris, a young woman's first impressions of Oslo, a couple vacationing in Italy after receiving bad news, a...
Writer: Fior, Manuele
Artist: Fior, Manuele
Release Date: 4/25/2018
(W) Lee Allred, Michael Allred (A/CA) Michael Allred Forager is just one of the Hive before he breaks out of his cocoon and finds himself in a mysterious house in an unknown realm, where he meets a ghostly girl, a talking teddy bear and otherworldly weirdos. Worst of all is General Electric, who is on the hunt for a...
Publisher: DC COMICS
Writer: Allred, Lee
Artist: Allred, Michael
Release Date: 4/25/2018
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