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(W) Dwayne McDuffie, More (A) Dwayne Turner, More (CA) John Byrne An alliance of evil threatens the Avengers! Doctor Doom, the Red Skull, Kingpin, Magneto and more have banded together to pit Earth's Mightiest Heroes against totally unfamiliar foes! The Avengers take on Freedom Force, the Mole Man, the Wrecker, the...
Writer: McDuffie, Dwayne
Artist: Turner, Dwayne
Release Date: 1/29/2020
(W) Martin Pasko & Various (A) Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Others (CA) Jose Luis Garcia Lopez This collection includes legendary artist Jose´ Luis Garci´a-Lo´pez's dynamic work on Superman from the 1970s forward! This collection includes stories from DC Comics Presents #41, Realworlds: Superman #1, Superman, Inc. #1,...
Publisher: DC COMICS
Writer: Pasko, Martin
Artist: Lopez, Jose Luis Garcia
Release Date: 1/29/2020
(W) Brian Wood (A) Kieran McKeown, JL Straw (CA) Rafael de Latorre Colonial Marines are the elite military fighters of the future, battling alien threats across the galaxy. One hero has the chance to fight alongside Amanda Ripley and Zula Hendricks, who saved him from Xenomorphs so long ago. Following the events of...
Writer: Wood, Brian
Artist: McKeown, Kieran
Release Date: 1/29/2020
(W/A/CA) Tsutomu Nihei The artificial celestial body Aposimz measures 120,000 km in diameter. Most of its volume is its core space, which is covered by a superstructural shell. Fifty centuries ago, the people who lost the war against the core lost their right to reside legitimately on Aposimz, and were stranded on...
Writer: Nihei, Tsutomu
Artist: Nihei, Tsutomu
Release Date: 1/29/2020
(W) Steve Skeates & Various (A) Mike Grell & Various (CA) Jim Aparo After being dethroned by his own people and sent into exile, Aquaman discovers a conspiracy in his kingdom, in this tale presented for the first time in hardcover. Rather than reclaim his birthright, he becomes a hero, but even Aquaman cannot escape...
Publisher: DC COMICS
Writer: Skeates, Steve
Artist: Grell, Mike
Release Date: 1/29/2020
(W) Jason Aaron (A) Stefano Caselli, Dale Keown (CA) Stefano Caselli Ghost Rider vs. Ghost Rider! Robbie Reyes finally wants to get rid of the flame-headed monster lurking inside him, so it's time to do the common sense thing: perform an exorcism on his car. The only problem is Johnny Blaze - the original Ghost Rider...
Writer: Aaron, Jason
Artist: Caselli, Stefano
Release Date: 1/29/2020
(W) Tom King & Various (A) Mikel Janin & Various (CA) Jim Lee, Scott William This new hardcover features Batman and Catwoman's greatest team-ups from their 80-year history together by some of the best writers and artists in the industry! Follow the famous duo's ups and downs from the 1940s on opposite sides of the...
Publisher: DC COMICS
Writer: King, Tom
Artist: Janin, Mikel
Release Date: 1/29/2020
(W) Dan Jurgens (A) Rick Leonardi, Others (CA) Chris Samnee A mysterious new villain known as the Splitt is preying on Neo-Gotham. Only Batman is capable of stopping him, but Terry McGinnis isn't getting help from Bruce Wayne, who is too busy lavishing cash all over the city to support Terry. Will even the combined...
Publisher: DC COMICS
Writer: Jurgens, Dan
Artist: Leonardi, Rick
Release Date: 1/29/2020
(W) David Avallone (A) Julius Ohta, Moy R. (CA) Scott Chantler When you step through an inter-dimensional gate the results are unpredictable: sometimes you find yourself in a bikini made of coins with a sword in your hand! Reality is shattering, the gate has been opened for an invasion from the Great Old Ones...and...
Publisher: DYNAMITE
Writer: Avallone, David
Artist: Ohta, Julius
Release Date: 1/29/2020
(W) Gail Simone (A) Ed Benes & Various (CA) Greg Land In a tricky dilemma, the Birds of Prey must show mercy to a would-be white-collar criminal-but their act of compassion brings them to the attention of extortionist Savant, a man who claims he can outthink Oracle and outfight Black Canary! Plus, Black Canary is...
Publisher: DC COMICS
Writer: Simone, Gail
Artist: Benes, Ed
Release Date: 1/29/2020
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