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(W) Joshua Williamson, Karl Kerschl (A) Various (CA) Jorge Molina Art by Jorge Molina, Mikel Janin, Howard Porter, Jorge Fornes, and Karl Kerschl Following the cataclysmic events of Fear State, Gotham City's residents are thrilled to live another day. But the city's Dark Knight, Batman...feels lost. When his former teammates in Batman Inc. are accused of murder, Batman will get the working vacation he was looking for. But when he leaves the city, he'll find a team that's betrayed him, an old enemy looking to sabotage him, and a deadly new foe known as Abyss who is causing torment across the globe. Also in this volume: Batman teams up with everyone's favorite Gotham Academy student, Maps Mizoguchi, to solve an epic mystery. Collects BATMAN #118-121 and #124.
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