Chris Oliveros

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(W/A/CA) Chris Oliveros <b>A deep dive into a contentious and dramatic period in Canadian history?the rise of a militant separatist group whose effects still reverberate today.</b><BR><BR>It started in 1963, when a dozen mailboxes in a wealthy Montreal neighborhood were blown to bits by handmade bombs. By the following year, a guerrilla army camp was set up deep in the woods, with would-be soldiers training for armed revolt. Then, in 1966, two high-school students dropped off bombs at factories, causing fatalities. What was behind these concerted, often bungled acts of terrorism, and how did they last for nearly eight years?<BR><BR>In <i>Are You Willing to Die for the Cause?</i>, Quebec-born cartoonist Chris Oliveros sets out to dispel common misconceptions about the birth and early years of a movement that, while now defunct, still holds a tight grip on the hearts and minds of Quebec citizenry and Canadian politics. There are no initials more volatile in Quebec history than FLQ?the Front de lib?ration du Qu?bec (or, in English, the Quebec Liberation Front). The original goal of thi
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