Guy Colwell

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DOLL GN (Net) (A) (MR)
Doll is celebrated cartoonist Guy Colwell's (Inner City Romance) darkly satirical take on patriarchal ownership, dehumanization, and sexual objectification. When an artist crafts a lifelike sex doll for a disfigured, middle-aged virgin, it soon takes on a lurid life of its own. Like an erotic Frankenstein's monster, the mannequin brings out the basest instincts in each person it crosses paths with.
(W/A/CA) Guy Colwell In the tradition of Kipling's The Jungle Book comes a gorgeously rendered all ages fable reminiscent of the Golden Age of children's book illustration. Created by underground cartoonist and fine artist Guy Colwell (Inner City Romance), this instant classic is a metaphor for the artist's previous incarceration, and a meditation on masculinity.
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