Hans Rickheit

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(W/A/CA) Hans Rickheit This surreal new graphic novel from the author of the acclaimed The Squirrel Machine is the story of two masked girls, possibly twins, exploring a strange, mysterious building and engaging in purposeless destruction motivated less by curiosity than boredom. Lighter in tone than his previous works, yet its myriad charms remain as sinister as Rickheit fans would expect.
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(W) Hans Rickheit, Krissy Dorn When Delia receives mysterious radio signals from beyond the planet, her curiosity is sparked. The plucky young scientist teams up with the esteemed Professor Tak and his bohemian son Theodore to convince the skeptical citizenry that this is not all just some elaborate hoax. The implications of her discovery may shatter her world. Set in an atmospheric '50s-era city in a parallel universe populated by anthropomorphic squirrels, Delia is a sprightly comics collaboration between cartoonist Hans Rickheit (The Squirrel Machine, Cochlea & Eustachia) and his wife, Krissy Dorn. This sci-fi adventure romp brims with dark humor, danger, and ominous allegorical undertones.
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