Rashad Doucet

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(W) Rashad Doucet, Jason Reeves (A) Rashad Doucet When it comes to the kitchen, no one knows cooking better than twelve-year-old Pax Samson. He's a hero when it comes to testing recipes and supplying copious amounts of Dragon Noodle Soup at his family's cookouts. It's tough being a master chef, though, when the rest of his family are world-famous superheroes and they expect Pax to take up the beacon to keep the world safe with his telekinetic powers. Pax's home planet of Soltellus is home to all walks of life, including humans, gods, as well as elves, orcs, dragons, sprites, and other fantasy races known as the Enchanted, all living in a modern society similar to our own. Among them is the Samson family, led by the fearless and mighty Grandma Samson, the greatest superhero to ever live and the person responsible for always saving Soltellus when trouble strikes. She's been doing it for hundreds of years, but she's ready for the younger generation of Samsons, including Pax, to step up. When the mad god Odin, long-time enemy to the Enchanted people and arch-rival to Grandma, resurfac
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