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(W) Erica Schultz, Van Jensen (A/CA) Aneke This volume is on sale in AUGUST 2022 The near future. Politicians invent their own facts, and independent newspapers no longer exist. The very concept of truth has died. In this world, private detectives serve as ronin, searching out the hard truths that people are desperate to keep hidden. The best of these PIs is Satya, a former journalist turned gumshoe who runs every lead to ground. But Satya has just received her hardest case yet: her former editor has been murdered. Someone wanted him silenced, and the trail points toward the highest bastions of power. To find justice for her friend, she'll have to put everything - and everyone - she knows at risk. A prophetic neo-noir thriller with unexpected twists at every turn, BYLINES IN BLOOD is co-created by Ringo Award-nominated writer Erica Schultz (M3, Forgotten Home, Strange Tails) and comic writer and former newspaper crime reporter Van Jensen (Two Dead, Cryptocracy, Superman: Man of Tomorrow), aided and abetted by Spanish art sensation Aneke (DC Comics Bombshells, Legenderry: Red S
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(W) Erica Schultz (A) Maria Sanapo (CA) Joe Corroney Dynamite Entertainment is proud to continue the story of Phoebe, Piper, and Paige, television's fan-favorite witches, in all-new adventures set within the official continuity of Charmed! A dark force has set its sights on the art world of San Francisco, utilizing a gallery exhibit to feed souls to the underworld and unleash demons into our reality. Only the Power of Three, harnessed by the Halliwell sisters, can stop the madness!
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(W) Erica Schultz (A) Carola Borelli & Various (CA) Adriana Melo, Cris Peter In 1998, three estranged sisters trained by their Nazi-hunting mother come together to solve their mother's murder?and try not to kill each other in the process. Follow the Hawthorn sisters in THE DEADLIEST BOUQUET as they explore what 'family' truly means and discover the lengths they would go to keep a secret. Collects THE DEADLIEST BOUQUET #1-5
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(W) Erica Schultz (A) Vicente Cifuentes (CA) Sergio Davila The start of a new adventure! A young girl flees for her life-from her parents?! Xena and Gabrielle must determine if the girl is a visionary or a demon. Unfortunately for all concerned, the Oracles of Delphi have already decided!
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