Otto Binder

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(W/A/CA) Otto Binder The Unwanted is Otto Binder's response to the 1950s McCarthy era of paranoia and intolerance, couched in metaphorical science fiction terms. A civilization of 'Mastermen' rules the galactic empire and must evaluate citizens of the various planets for inclusion into an imperial congress. Membership means access to technology, prosperity and protection. We learn the priorities and values of these visitors and why, in evaluating this planet, the Mastermen find a world shockingly different from their own. Written in the 1950s and never before published, this edition pays homage to Binder's comics career by enlisting the collaborative talents of Angelo Torres?-?who, with Al, Williamson and Roy Krenkel, illustrated Binder's EC story 'Lost in Space' in 1955?-?and Austrian sculptor, speed painter, and digital artist Stefan Koidl, to illustrate it. The result is a stunning tribute to Binder's lifelong commitment to comics and prose.
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