Nuria Tamarit

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(W/A/CA) Nuria Tamarit Princess Mononoke meets Jack London in this gritty, ecofeminist adventure. Fleeing the fires of her war-torn homeland, a young woman travels to the New World in search of gold to rebuild her life. In this strange, lawless land, Joana encounters friends (the kind Native women Tala and Opa), foes (the cruel gold hunter Matwei and his men), and an unexpected traveling companion who may just be her good luck charm - and amidst the icy reaches of the wilderness, a fearsome fantastical beast lurks in the shadows. The English debut of Spanish cartoonist and illustrator N?ria Tamarit, Daughters of Snow and Cinders conjures the awesome natural beauty of the frozen north in vibrant color. A rugged adventure story with two strong young women at its heart, this graphic novel offers a poignant message about the urgent need for humanity to overcome our greed and base impulses to be good stewards of the world in which we live and depend on. N?ria Tamarit is an illustrator and comic artist based in Valencia. Her graphic world is marked by fantastical elements, voluptuous plan
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