La Murawiec

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(W/A/CA) L?a Murawiec <b>How would you live with nothing but your name?</b><BR><BR>Manel Naher wants out. In a world where your name is currency, it?s tough to make ends meet. It?s even tougher when you share a name with a rising pop star. The city is unbearable?endless high-rises, social climbers left and right, and nothing but names as far as the eye can see. But Manel is looking a little bit farther, just beyond the horizon, and she?s even convinced her buddy Ali of how much more could be lying in wait right outside city limits.<BR><BR>When a sudden heart attack induced by diminished name recognition foils Manel?s plans, gradual change becomes a catalyst for a complete lifestyle overhaul. This stylish, absurd comedy of contemporary manners skewers the human condition in persistent self-promo. Sharp, architectural lines are accented by decisively mellow hues, building a humorously grim world unexpectedly bathed in nothing but light. <BR><BR>An exciting debut from a fresh perspective, <i>The Great Beyond</i> showcases newcomer L?a Murawiec?s command of comics language and satirize
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