Aaron Alexovich

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(W) Aaron Alexovich, Eric Trueheart (A) Warren Wucinich & Various (CA) Warren Wucinich A brand-new collection featuring four of our favorite stories from the Invader ZIM comics highlighting skool--a place where young, impressionable human minds are molded into... eh, we're not sure what happens after that. But now you can relive all the best moments of ZIM and Dib's skool days! From incorrect rumors of Ms. Bitters' demise (and origin) to the trials and tribulations of the National Phitness Test, and finally, a time-honored class assignment: pretending some inanimate object is a baby and trying not to kill it. Heck, you might even learn something! (Learning is not guaranteed.) Contains issues #15, 32, 37, and 45 of the Oni Press series Invader ZIM.
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