Robb Waters

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(W) Robb Waters When a powerful artificial intelligence named SHODAN is liberated of her ethical constraints, the inhabitants of the Citadel space station are rapidly corrupted into bloodthirsty cyborgs and mutants and placed under her control. It's up to a resourceful rogue hacker to traverse the station level by level, battling the monstrous crew and computer-controlled robots before ultimately facing down with the AI herself! Now fans of the groundbreaking cyber-action shooter can explore the development of the lovingly recreated System Shock in intricate detail-including art of Citadel Station's mysterious interiors, vile enemies, clever props, and much more. Nightdive Studios and Dark Horse Books invite readers to relive the unforgettable experience of the classic game, remade with enormous care for a new generation. Celebrate the return to Citadel Station with The Art of System Shock.
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