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(W/A) Freddy Milton & Various (CA) Freddy Milton Here be dragons! Hold onto your swords and shields? Donald and his naughty nephews are meeting mythic menaces by the megaton! First, set sail for dragon-ravaged Kooka Boola Island, where a fractious Fountain of Youth turns sailors into babies-and Don and the boys into geezers! Next, Donald rejoins the Tamers of Nonhuman Threats to save an airfleet from plane-wrecking gremlins? but can he save his own tail feathers from a crash? Finally, in 'The Call of C'rruso,' in the city of Sp'too, deep under the sea, dread Pf'legmwad lies dreaming? until Donald wakes the legendary monster-god up! Collects IDW's Donald Duck #16-18.
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(W/A) Freddy Milton In this collection of classic short comics, Nuft the Dragon and his outgoing family are outcasts in a world hostile to dragonkind. Sometimes poignant and sometimes slapstick, in this collection of Danish comics stories, Nuft and his family are pitted against prejudice, scheming slumlords and all-seeing robot overlords! This debut volume collects the stories 'The Nufts Move In,' in which the dragon family trades its rural ways for a new life in the big city - but the tenement they move into is not only falling apart, it's plagued by poltergeists! In 'Trouble on George Street,' Nuft gets a job at City Hall but quickly discovers that the whole thing is teetering on the verge of collapse! And in 'The Great Technowhiz,' the Technowhiz watches over all the city's functions - but who watches over the Technowhiz? Plus a special collector's bonus - Freddy Milton's very first 8-page Nuft tale. With personal commentary and insight by Freddy Milton.
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