Rob Davis

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(W) Rob Davis, More (A) Philip Bond, More The quarterly compendium of comics + culture is collected in one seriously thick paperback! Main features include 'Tales from the Black Crown Pub' by award-winner Rob Davis; 'Cud: Rich and Strange' by bandmates/co-writers Will Potter & Carl Puttnam and artist Philip Bond, and 'Cannonball Comics' by Leah Moore and Dilraj Mann. Special features include 'Hey, Amateur,' 'Beat Surrender,' creator interviews, and a (ghost) walking tour through Canon Street where the characters commingle and corrupt. All this plus the first issues of BLACK CROWN launch titles: Kid Lobotomy, Assassinistas, and Punks Not Dead make this a must-have package of the latest in art and alchemy! Advance solicited for December release! A YEAR IN REVIEW with the imprint that calls 'Defiant, Rebellious, Disobedient + Utterly Badass!' 'Combining music, art, and mayhem, IDW is delivering a uniquely fantastic creator-owned centerpiece.'-DoomRocket
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