Michael Conrad

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(W) Michael Conrad (A/CA) Noah Bailey Cully and Gemma are watching their carefree, childless days come to an end and decide to take one last trip to the magical Scottish Highlands before the baby arrives. What was meant to be a romantic trip soon spirals into paranoia and violence as a bizarre string of murders follows them on their journey. Conrad has returned to his horror roots while continuing to write the celebrated Wonder Woman as well as Midnighter. The time in the mainstream having only driven him further into the surreal and twisted worlds in which he is most at home. o Collects the Comixology Originals series in print for the first time!
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(W) Michael Conrad (A/CA) Noah Bailey Everyone dreams, but are these dreams our own? Who controls our thoughts when we're sleeping? Ginn is a young college student who has been having wildly disturbing nightmares featuring a man she has never met. When she finds a flyer with his picture and the question, 'Have you dreamed this man?' she submits to an interview that begins to unravel her perceptions of reality. o Collects the original digital series Tremor Dose. 'Creepy and gorgeous! A story you'll keep revisiting as you admire its complexities!' -Chip Zdarsky
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