Ellie Patterson

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(W) Ellie Patterson (A/CA) Alexandra Colombo Teach your kids the importance of environmentalism and sustainability in this fun, exciting adventure! It's the near future, and Earth is on the brink of an environmental apocalypse. Michael Recycle is desperate to reverse the situation when suddenly a visitor from another galaxy enters Earth's atmosphere-Borat The Space Cat! Borat not only has ideas to help Michael stop Earth spiraling into the disaster zone, but he wants to show Michael just how sustainability can really be done. The intergalactic cat takes Michael back to his own planet-Splearth-a planet very similar to our own, but in a parallel universe where only cats have survived and reversed the fate of their planet. Oh, and let's not forget the Vegan Vikings that helped out, too. It might not be too late to help Earth reverse its fate, and if anyone can, Borat can!
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