Joyce Farmer

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T*TS & CL*TS 1972-1987 HC (MR)
(W) Joyce Farmer, Lyn Chevli (A) Lyn Chevli, Joyce Farmer (CA) Joyce Farmer The groundbreaking, women-edited comics anthology that served as an antidote and rebuke tomale-dominated underground comix is now collected in a single volume for the first time. In 1972, underground cartoonists Joyce Farmer and Lyn Chevli produced T*ts & Cl*ts - a funny, rowdy, raucous underground comix series about female sexuality that one reviewer described as 'the ultimate in vaginal politics' - and became the first American women ever credited with writing, drawing, and publishing their own comic books. T*ts & Cl*ts quickly became an anthology showcase for other women cartoonists, a feminist answer to Zap, and featured the work of Mary Fleener, Roberta Gregory, Krystine Kryttre, Lee Marrs, Carel Moiseiwitsch, Trina Robbins, Dori Seda, among others. Like other underground comix, T*ts & Cl*ts leaned into being lewd in order to satirize women's experiences with so-called sexual liberation. Featuring stories about birth control, abortion, menstruation, masturbation, and more, Tits & Clits featured intimat
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