Herb Castle

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(W) Herb Castle (A) Gil Kane & Various (CA) Victor Prezio Brain Boy by the amazing Frank Springer (best known for Marvel Comics' Dazzler and Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.) is a heady mix of superhero, fantasy, supernatural, horror, suspense, science fiction and spy adventures! Brain Boy aka Matt Price Jr. works for the 'Organisation of Active Anthropologists,' in reality a special counter-intelligence branch of the U.S Secret Service that fights Communists and aliens. Brain Boy read minds, use telekinesis to lift objects or make himself fly, control minds, alter emotional states, and was also super intelligent. However, using his powers took a lot of mental energy, especially when facing another telepath and he could become exhausted quickly. Collects Brain Boy issues [Four Color] #1330 -#2 & #3 (April/June 1962 - February 1963), plus Ziff Davis' Space Busters #1 & #2 (Spring - Fall 1952).
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