Ryan Haddock

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(W) Ryan Haddock (A/CA) Nick Wyche At Strander House, things are?weird. There?s an ogre wedged in the closet, and you have to be careful not to slip on the leak coming from the ocean in the attic. What?s possibly weirder than the fact that you can walk into the bathroom and end up in next Tuesday are the four brothers who investigate these strange occurrences?the Brothers Flick! Leo, Desmond, Remy, and Cub seek to get to the bottom of every shadow you swear you saw move. If they happen to stumble upon answers to the mysterious disappearance of their own family along the way, all the better. Sherlock Holmes meets Wayside School in this Edwardian-era supernatural sleuthing graphic novel. Buy three copies of BLUE FLAME TP THE COMPLETE SERIES by the FOC date and get 15% your total order of BLUE FLAME TP THE COMPLETE SERIES.
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