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(W) Juan Gedeon, Daniel Warren Johnson (A) Juan Gedeon, Rafa Garres, Jon Mikel (CA) Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer You know the story: an infant escapes the destruction of its home planet and is deposited on Earth to be raised by human parents. A goddess from a lost city defends truth. A Tyrannosaurus rex dons the visage of a bat to strike fear into evildoers' hearts. This heroic trinity, alongside a league of other super-powered dinosaurs, join forces to save a prehistoric Earth from the sinister machinations of Darkyloseid. Wait...what? Okay, maybe you don't know the story. Witness this brand-new--yet older-than-time--adventure and experience the Justice League as you've never seen them before! Collects The Jurassic League #1-6.
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