Pascal Girard

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(W/A/CA) Pascal Girard Burdened with grief, confusion, and anger, Pascal Girard explores the childhood passing of his five-year-old brother, from his memories as a nine-year old struggling to understand up until present day, twenty-five years after the shattering loss. Originally published ten years ago, this edition includes new comics and an introduction that contemplate the larger effect of Nicolas's death on his current behaviors and habits. Nicolas is a delicate, minimalist portrait of the many faces of mourning, identified with surprising humor and pathos by an artist who knows them intimately.
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(W/A/CA) Pascal Girard Rebecca's got an eight-month-old baby and a mystery to investigate! Late one summer night as she's breastfeeding Lucie, she spots two men carrying something heavy into a white minivan. It's probably nothing serious, but when Rebecca hears that a home healthcare provider named Eduardo Morales disappeared from the neighborhood that very night, she puts her detective hat on and gets to work.
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