Sean Dillon

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(W) Sean Dillon, Steven Petrivelli (A/CA) Sean Dillon Maggie isn't your typical fangirl. Through keen observation and unbending determination, she has taught herself all the death-defying stunts and fighting styles of her favorite action stars and superheroes! Unfortunately, Maggie has kept her eccentric hobby to herself, ever since it earned her the label of 'nerd' among her classmates. After all, superheroes and evil villains are all kid stuff... right? Wrong! On the eve of her first day of high school, Maggie has a run-in with an evil mercenary group known as the Numbers. After years of training, it's up to Maggie to be the self-taught superhero the city needs! But is she truly ready for the responsibility that comes with the title of 'hero'? Can Maggie save her city and maintain a normal high school life all on her own?
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