Seattle'S Archlug

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(A) Seattle'S Archlug, Alice Finch (CA) Alice Finch Writer: Matthew J. Elliott Artist: Elena Casagrande Cover Artist: Oliver Barrett What's to Love: For our first prose novel spinning out of the Big Trouble in Little China universe, we went to self-professed fan, movie expert, author, and RiffTrax writer/performer Matthew J. Elliot, and he wrote a pillars of heaven-shaking adventure set in Cold War Russia that was simply perfect for Jack Burton and company. Taking place days after the film ends, (and if you're following along in our comics, it's set after Jack meets the monster on his truck but before he attends Wang's wedding), you can relax: a new Jack Burton adventure is here with Big Trouble in Mother Russia! What It Is: Ol' Jack Burton is back, and he brought some old friends, and a few old enemies along for a brand-new adventure in a brand-new setting. A lot of people want to get their hands on Jack, including the KGB, the Russian mob, and his old enemies from Big Trouble in Little China, the Wing Kong. Lost on the streets of Moscow, he can only rely on the trusty Wang Chi
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