Andy Clarke

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(W) Zac Thompson (A) Andy Clarke, Ryan Bodenheim (CA) Andy Clarke In the future, every planet is culturally unified through a monolithic structure known as the Ga-lactic Relay. Although the towering monument is meant to inspire conformity of ideas, many resent the foreign structure. Jad Carter, a Relay employee, must keep the peace and act as an emissary to new civilizations. But when he finds the Relay's mythological creator, Hank Don-aldson, his idea of reality and the universe shatters. Written by Zac Thompson (HER INFERNAL DESCENT, THE REPLACER, The Dregs) from a story by Zac Thompson, Eric Bromberg (PESTILENCE) and Donny Cates (BABYTEETH, God Coun-try, Redneck) with art by Andy Clarke (REPLICA, Batman) and Dalibor Talajic (WITCH HAMMER, Old Man Logan). Volume 1 contains the entire first arc - issues #1-5, plus the #0 origin issue from Free Comic Book Day 2018. Written by Zac Thompson (The Dregs) from a story by Zac Thompson and Donny Cates (BABYTEETH, God Country, Redneck) with art by Andy Clarke (REPLICA, Batman) and Ryan Bo-denheim (CREDITS T/K). Volume one contains the en
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(W) Paul Jenkins (A/CA) Andy Clarke writer: Paul Jenkins artist: Andy Clarke colorist: Dan Brown & Marcelo Maiolo cover: Andy Clarke & Marcelo Maiolo Collecting the first five issue of the hit series REPLICA, from Paul Jenkins and Andy Clarke. Meet Trevor Churchill, an Earth-born peacekeeping agent on the intergalactic hub known as The Transfer. When Trevor's already near impossible assignment becomes a bit too much for the errant detective, he turns to the only logical approach, Replication. More of a good thing can't hurt, right? A single clone could be helpful; unfortunately the replication process doesn't go as planned!
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