Kei Zama

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(W) Kenneth Neimand & Various (A) Kei Zama & Various (CA) Cliff Robinson The latest Judge Dredd epic, featuring zombies infecting the whole 2000 AD multiverse. All of your favourite characters have been turned in to zombies, in this fast-paced standalone horror story! What if at the end of Judge Dredd: Judgement Day a different strategy was used in order to stop the zombie invasion? Instead of Judge Dredd executing Sabbat the Necromagus this plan involves dropping dimension-bombs to shift the whole zombie horde into a different reality. This means disaster for all the other characters published in the pages of 2000 AD as the zombies infect everyone from Rogue Trooper to Sinister Dexter, from Ace Trucking to The V.C.'s. There is now a whole multiverse of zombies that need killing, and only a few heroes left to take care of business!
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(W) Brandon M. Easton (A/CA) Kei Zama Justice Academy drop-out Mathias Lincoln always survived by sub-legal means, but after uncovering a vast conspiracy, he finds himself pursued by legendary lawman Judge Dredd! Get ready for a street level look at justice in Mega-City One as one person fights to expose the darkest secrets of the rich and powerful in a thrilling mystery set against a backdrop of media manipulation and social unrest. While on a job for a rich client, Justice Academy drop-out and professional fixer Mathias Lincoln makes a horrific discovery-children are disappearing, and the conspiracy stretches from the wastes of the Cursed Earth all the way to the halls of power in Mega-City One.
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(W) John Barber (A/CA) Kei Zama Darkness falls over Cybertron as the legendary Onyx Prime returns, throwing the planet into chaos! What does this mean for Optimus Prime-and Earth? As Onyx and his comrades sow panic and dissension on Cybertron, Windblade defends an already tense planet against a secret that could shatter it forever, while Soundwave questions a fragile alliance, and Optimus confronts a mystery that goes back millions of years. Collects Transformers: Optimus Prime issues #15-21. Advance solicited for November release! Bumblebee: The Movie hits theaters December 21, 2018.
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