Mike Deodato Jr.

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AVX tie-in! The New Avengers have received the call from Captain America to go to war against the X-Men - and Wolverine will be forced to choose a side! Then, Danny Rand discovers the shocking secret history of the Phoenix in K'un Lun's book of the dead, and Hope Summers journeys to Iron Fist's magical home to uncover her destiny. But will she conquer her future - or be consumed by it? Plus: It's a prison break - Avengers-style! And finally, they gather to stem the horrors of the Marvel Universe before they happen, but the secret group known as the Illuminati has failed to stop the Phoenix time and time again. Now, as the world begins to end, they come together one last time - but will it be enough? Collecting NEW AVENGERS (2010) #24-30.
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(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Mike Deodato Jr. (CA) Mike Deodato Jr. & Lee Loughridge Called in by the U.S. government for a secret international mission to Russia, unassuming American professor of Russian and Slavic Studies at NYU Randall Crane finds his history in the Soviet Union begin to thaw and reveal itself. When the team of commandos sent to protect him end up dead, Randall finds himself forced to fight his way out of the former U.S.S.R. using skills he thought he'd left dead and buried in the cold, hard streets of the Mother Russia a lifetime ago. ?Readers who enjoy espionage tales will find a lot to enjoy here. The real star?is the art.? ?Comics Beat ?RED ZONE?hits all the beats and then some for a story of this nature. It?s executing the form exceptionally well.? ?Multiversity Comics
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