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(W) Daan Jippes, Laura McCreary (A) Daan Jippes Pour a bowl of cereal and dig into a nostalgic comics tribute to Disney's One Saturday Morning! From Disney Adventures and its sister magazines come classic comics based on your favorite 1990s Saturday morning cartoon block! See sideways schoolkids Doug and Pepper Ann navigate the halls of tween angst-while sneaky Spinelli of Recess is always up to tricks! Join Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and Mira Nova for big space battles. Then return to the Hundred Acre Wood for The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh? and hit Mouseton for Mickey, Goofy, and (hot-cha-cha!) Mortimer in Mickey MouseWorks! Even the Emmy-Award-winning Teacher's Pet is back in comics? back in print for the first time in decades! Daan Jippes (b. 1945), an internationally beloved Duck artist, lives in the Netherlands. Laura McCreary is a writer and producer best known for her work on American Dad and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Scott Gimple is a writer and showrunner best known for his work on Pepper Ann and The Walking Dead.
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(W) Carl Barks, Daan Jippes (A) Daan Jippes, Carl Barks The secret of Ali Baba's hidden treasure, the return of Magica de Spell - and a rare story never before seen in the U.S.! 'You can't depend on anything in Persia being what it seems!' warns Uncle Scrooge. But when he, Donald, and the nephews are approached by a wayward archaeologist bearing fragile clay tablets that point the way to Ali Baba's lost cave, the hunt is on for the most fabulous treasure of the ancient world! And Scrooge will soon discover how true his words really are! Then, Scrooge shields his Money Bin in an indestructible glass that defies the efforts of Magica de Spell and the Beagle Boys to crack it. What could possibly go wrong? Plus: the oddball inventions of the ever-eccentric Gyro Gearloose! Additionally, we're proud to present a rare story started by Carl Barks and completed by internationally acclaimed Duck artist Daan Jippes, never before published in the U.S. - 'The Pied Piper of Duckburg.' Carl Barks delivers another wildly imaginative collection of outrageous adventures, laugh-out-loud comedy, and al
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