Dom Reardon

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(W) Helen Mullane (A) Dom Reardon, Matthew Dow Smith (CA) Jock Something strange has been unleashed in the north of England. A modern-day druid commits a series of ghastly murders in an attempt to unleash the incredible power of the ancient gods of Great Britain. But his plans are interrupted when his latest would-be victim, Nicnevin 'NISSY' Oswald, turns out to be more than she seems.
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(W) Andrew Vachss & Various (A) Dom Reardon (CA) Sean Phillips The hard-hitting tale of oppression and revolution continues in this original graphic novel collecting the three-part Underground from Dark Horse Presents and over one hundred pages of new content! When the fascist Rulers coerce millions into the despotically governed Underground, only the subversive message of the Book Boys can set the people free! o Over 100 pages of never-before-published material! o Adapted from a screenplay by Andrew Vachss, acclaimed author of Hard Looks and the Burke series! o Cover by Fatale's Sean Phillips!
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