Gordon Purcell

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(W) Dayton Ward & Various (A) Gordon Purcell & Various (CA) Marc Laming An anthology series that offers every fan a stopping point on the wonderful 50-year Star Trek journey. Reflect on stories of what's come before and look ahead to the next half-century of Trek. Short stories that run the gamut of Star Trek's history, set during the Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, and more, featuring all your favorite characters. Bullet points: * 'Star Trek: Waypoint is a fantastic idea!' -Flickering Myth * Advance solicited for November release!
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(W) Kevin J. Anderson (A) Gordon Purcell (CA) Sam Shearon Adapts the best-selling novel by Kevin J. Anderson. Dr. Gregory, a renowned nuclear weapons researcher, is not only dead-he's been charred to a radioactive cinder. Since this is a death on federal property, Mulder and Scully are hastily called in. When a second victim, completely unrelated to nuclear science or Dr. Gregory is obliterated in the New Mexico desert, and then a third dies the same way in Washington, DC, Mulder and Scully begin to focus on the frightening dimension of their task. As they work to uncover the secret unifying element that ties these deaths, it becomes clear that this twisted puzzle has fatal consequences for the entire world.
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