Eduardo Medeiros

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(W/A/CA) Eduardo Medeiros Lenny and Beardo are two childhood friends with a lot of road behind them. When Beardo?s deadbeat dad dies and leaves them his old bar, they make a go of it as business partners. Easy enough, right? Maybe not. ? Running a business in a low-traffic area of town isn?t all it?s cracked up to be, but luckily for the boys, the one-two punch of viral media attention when their neighbor gets crushed by a 747 engine that falls from the sky and a sorta suspect (but very potent) beer recipe they stumble into catch the public?s imagination at just the right time. Things get even more complicated when Lenny?s ex-girlfriend Amanda shows up again, pregnant. Can our two heroes weather the ravages of success any better than they dealt with being losers? Can Lenny level up and be a good dad? Can Beardo forgive his dead, absentee?father? Will the general public run them out of town when they find out what was actually in that beer? Eduardo Medeiros (Funny Creek) delivers a graphic novel for anyone who?s had more than their fair share of bad days and questionable choices! W
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