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CITRUS GN VOL 01 (MR) (C: 0-1-0)
(W/A/CA) Saburouta Citrus is an all-new yuri manga series that offers a bittersweet love story coupled with gorgeous artwork. Yuzuko Aihara, a high school girl whose main interests are fashion, friends, and having fun, is about to get a reality check. Due to her mom's remarriage, Yuzu has transfered to a new, all-girls school that is extemely strict. From Day One, She makes enemies, namely the beautiful yet stern Student Council President Mei. So what happens when a dejected Yuzu returns home and discovers the shock of her life: that Mei is her new stepsister who has come to live with her? Even more surprising, when Mei catches Yuzu offguard and kisses her out of the blue, what does it mean?
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(W/A/CA) Saburouta Thanks to Mei's help, Yuzu has been studying hard and getting good marks on her mock college entrance exams. While out celebrating, Yuzu bumps into two old friends from junior high, Kana and Manami. When Yuzu tells her old pals about her plans for the future, Kana gets mad that Yuzu has changed so much. Can Yuzu smooth things over with her former besties, or have they grown too far apart?
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