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(W) Mark Russell, Phil Hester, Andrew Constant (A) Marco Santucci, Tom Mandrake (CA) Marco Santucci, John Kalisz Deep in the Louisiana bayou, a terrifying monster stalks the waters, strangling life before it can grow and leaving a trail of death in its wake. And the Sunderland Corporation is coming for Swamp Thing next. Swamp Thing alone stands to defend his community from the growing menace of an evil corporation ready to turn the earth to barren soil if it helps their bottom line. But Sunderland?s reach stretches further than even the Swamp Thing can grasp?their plans for destruction will affect not just the swamps he calls home, but the entire planet! And Swamp Thing is not the only strange spirit alive in the bayou. When a fifolet?a ghost light, a will o? the wisp?leads him to strangers who need his help, Swamp Thing must discover what this restless ghost?s true purpose might be?if he can survive long enough to find out.
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