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(W) Paul Jenkins, Various (A) Leiber, Various (CA) Marko Djurdjevic The Skrulls' Secret Invasion rocks the Thunderbolts! But it might just be the opportunity Norman Osborn has been waiting for! Captain Marvel attacks the T-Bolts' HQ, and Skrulls descend on Washington, DC - but internal tension may tear the team apart before their foes can! When Osborn scores a major victory, he manipulates events to level up - and to create a whole new Thunderbolts squad that includes Yelena Belova, the Irredeemable Ant-Man and the Ghost! But first, the old squad must be swept aside - and Songbird's insane teammates can't wait to take her out! But when Deadpool targets Norman Osborn, which side will the unpredictable new Thunderbolts take? Plus: Solo tales of the T-Bolts! Collecting THUNDERBOLTS: DESPERATE MEASURES ONE-SHOT, THUNDERBOLTS: BREAKING POINT ONE-SHOT, THUNDERBOLTS: INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT ONE-SHOT, THUNDERBOLTS: REASON IN MADNESS ONE-SHOT, THUNDERBOLTS (2006) #122-131 and DEADPOOL (2008) #8-9. Rated T+
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