Butch K. Mapa

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(W) Patrick Shand (A) Butch K. Mapa (CA) Eric J Story - Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco & Pat Shand Written - Pat Shand Artwork - Butch Mapa The god-like entity known only as 'the Being' has succeeded in his plan to begin a new order on Earth. Now with almighty power running through his veins, the Being has descended onto the world to bset his plan in motion. His intentions are to rid the world of evil, but the means by which he plans to do so goes against the laws of nature. Now it will fall on Sela Mathers and Liesel Van Helsing to put a stop to an all-powerful entity gone mad. This trade paperback collects Grimm Fairy Tales Ascension issues 1 through 5.
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(W) Ralph Tedesco (A) Butch K. Mapa (CA) Dijjo Angelica Blackstone aka 'Hellchild' takes a high paying gig as a bodyguard for the lowlife son of a wealthy politician. But some jobs aren't worth the money as Angelica soon finds that the men after her client are involved in something so disturbing that she can't help but get pulled in. John Wick meets Jessica Jones in this explosive, action-packed new series from Zenescope! Collects Hellchild Blood Money #1 - 4.
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