John Higgins

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(W) Michael Carroll (A/CA) John Higgins One of The Hollywood Reporter's 'Best Comics of 2020' and following from the pages of Rebellion's Judge Dredd Free Comic Book Day title! The year is 2035 and American society is crumbling, the police force become judge and jury, dispensing justice on the streets. Police brutality in response to public protests sparks even greater restrictions on what American citizens are free to do. This is the horror story of a descent into fascism and the beginnings of the world of Judge Dredd.
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(W) Garth Ennis (A/CA) John Higgins Still mourning the loss of his wife, Jimmy Kavanagh lives quietly in the backwoods of New England, raising his devoted daughter and resentful son. That is, until fate comes calling in the worst way and Jimmy's criminal past threatens to destroy his family.
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