Melissa Garabeli

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(W) Phellip Willian (A/CA) Melissa Garabeli Siblings Thomas and Lara recently lost their mother. Along with their father, they miss her terribly. When the family spots an injured deer on the side of the road, they decide to rescue it. Bringing the deer home, they name him Lion and quickly become best friends. The new woodland creature brings warmth and fun back into their lives, and a sweet companionship begins. Before meeting Thomas and Lara, Lion also missed his mother. The baby deer was left alone and scared after losing his mother to hunters. Upon meeting the young children, Lion finds comfort in their new friendship. But when Lion grows more and more curious about the forest beyond the house, Thomas and Lara start to wonder if the woods are where Lion is meant to live. After so much loss, will the children be able to say goodbye to their new friend? From award-winning Brazilian creators Phellip Willian and Melissa Garabeli, Missing You is a beautifully illustrated and heartfelt story about companionship and learning how and when to let go.
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