Paul Lee, Dave Stewart Brian Horton

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When William Waite died, after a life steeped in black magic, his family thought the terror was over. Two years later, all the people close to him begin to suffer from mysterious illnesses, including the loss of a baby. His youngest, Brandon Waite, desperate to protect his family, digs into his dead father's bag of tricks. But his desire to protect his loved ones forces him to cover up his own tentative steps into witchcraft, leading him to mix deception with demon conjuration, and isolating himself in a terrible world where his soul hangs in the balance. The townspeople he grew up with have always known there's something wrong with the Waite family, and their worst fears are proven true in a fiery climax on town hill, when the devil returns to New England. Includes the four-issue miniseries in addition to previously unpublished stories and behind-the-scenes art.
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