Claire Wendling

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(W) Christophe Gibelin (A/CA) Claire Wendling An epic fantasy drawn by the internationally renowned illustrator Claire Wendling that won the Press Award at the Angoul?me Comics Festival. Long ago, no living creatures existed in the Legend world, except for a magician by the name of Th?o... and a giant oak tree. The two beings made a pact: one would imagine and draw the form of the creatures, to which the second would give life. In exchange, the magician would become immortal. The world is now populated by a wide array of species, including the human-like Transparents. But as time passes, the Great Oak begins to weaken, and Th?o wants to acquire its power... and then there are Yz and Meth, two hybrid demons who threaten to turn the world upside down in this original graphic novel.
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