Ayhan Hayrula

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XED TP VOL 01 (O/A) (MR)
(W) Tony Patrick (A) Ayhan Hayrula & Various (CA) Chris Visions A sci-fi thriller about a next-gen form of psychiatry: 'subliminal hitmen' injected into your mind who hunt down the demons that haunt you. Ex-military sharpshooter Colin McClure is Mezign Corp's most recent recruit for the still-experimental (and often deadly) job of subliminal hitman. McClure is the perfect candidate for two reasons: a) he's a killing machine, and b) he lost his legs in the war, so subliminal-ops are his only way to see any action. But he's also a dangerous candidate for one reason unknown to Mezign: Colin's true motive is to enter the mind of his catatonic daughter and bring her out of a coma. Collects issues 1-5.
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