Frederik Peeters

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(W) Pierre Wazem (A) Frederik Peeters, Albertine Ralenti (CA) Frederik Peeters Addidas, a bright and quirky young girl, spends most of her time helping her father as a chimney sweep. When she ventures too far into a chimney, she encounters a bizarre new friend and, in the process, destabilizes her world's long-established system. From prolific independent European creators Wazem and Peeters comes a touching and existential story that balances its fantastical elements with poignant and realistic themes.
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(W/A/CA) Frederik Peeters Lupus Lablennorre is a man on the run. Like a cosmic Odysseus, he wanders from planet to planet, haunted by his past and orbiting around a woman. It starts as a fishing trip with his ex-military pal Tony. Their lifelong friendship has started to feel different lately, and not just because of the drugs. Picking up Sanaa, a wealthy and mysterious runaway, only complicates the situation. When tragedy strikes and they're forced to flee, new worlds await with many ways to disappear. But Lupus will find that the tendrils of friendship, love, and family are not so easily severed. Armed with astonishingly expressive brushwork and a dreamy, intimate narrative, Frederick Peeters drifts on the solar winds to a new understanding of memory, guilt, isolation, and connection. Award-winning Swiss graphic novelist Frederik Peeters (Blue Pills) soars to new heights with an existential interplanetary epic that never strays far from the human heart. 'Love and Rockets as told by the Swiss? a beautifully realized comic-epic-romance of the type that would appeal strongly to Ame
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