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With such past creative credits as Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Batman, 'Breed, Captain Marvel, Cosmic Odyssey, Dreadstar, the entire Infinity saga, and a list of so many more, creator/writer/artist/visionary Jim Starlin returns with his own brand-new series - The Cosmic Guard! A young orphan is chosen by a mysterious light from space to become the latest in a long line of Cosmic Guardians, super-powered defenders who are charged with protecting the galaxy. Ray Torres is literally teetering on the edge of suicide - planning to leap from the roof of the orphanage where he lives - when a shooting star changes his life forever by choosing him to join a long line of space superheroes called the Cosmic Guard. Featuring story and art from the legendary Jim Starlin, this Dynamite collection features the complete six-issue series, plus a complete cover gallery, sketch materials, and more!
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A Previews Exclusive! Jim Starlin's classic Dreadstar is now available in a second trade paperback edition, collecting issues #7-12 of the original series! Over 20 years in the making and close to 200 pages of story, art and more! Dreadstar features the adventures of Vanth Dreadstar; Dreadstar, the last survivor of the destroyed Milky Way galaxy, found himself transported to the Empirical Galaxy, where he was recruited by the sorcerer Syzygy Darklock to help bring an end to a two-hundred-year-old war between the corrupt Monarchy and the fanatical Instrumentality. The pages in this new edition have been produced by digitally scanning from the original film, and Starlin has created new cover art exclusively for this edition! Also featuring the original covers and character art and an introduction by Al Milgrom! This version features a Previews Exclusive cover, available only to the comics specialty market!
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Dynamite and legendary creator Jim Starlin present the return of the Cosmic Guard in the Kid Kosmos original graphic novel! Kid Kosmos is a direct continuation of the Cosmic Guard mini-series, and features 122 pages of ORIGINAL story and art in Dynamite's first-ever original graphic novel! Starlin is a master of all things time and space, and he excels in this, his most powerful vision yet! As Starlin prepares to return to the 'Cosmic' end of the DC Universe (in the upcoming Mystery in Space series), this Original Graphic Novel is the perfect companion, unleashing a raw and dynamic story from the master, Jim Starlin!
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(W) Mark Evanier, Jim Starlin (A) Various (CA) Paris Cullins, Willie Blyberg The New Gods return in this collection of stories that reimagined Jack Kirby?s famous creations for a new era! Writer Mark Evanier, former assistant to New Gods creator Jack Kirby, teams with artist Paris Cullins to revive Orion, Darkseid, Metron, Kalibak, and more in this collection of key late-80s stories, set in the wake of Cosmic Odyssey. Stories include Orion leading an expedition to Earth and the six-part ?Bloodline Saga.? Collects New Gods #1-14.
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The quest that led to INFINITY GAUNTLET begins here! Back from the dead, Thanos is after the power to bring the rest of the universe with him on a return trip! Can the Silver Surfer, Drax the Destroyer and others stop the cosmic iconoclast before he uses reality as a token of his affection for Death? Special guest-appearance by the Impossible Man! Featuring a rare Thanos solo story not seen in almost thirty years! Collects SILVER SURFER #34-38, THANOS QUEST #1-2 and the Thanos backup from LOGAN'S RUN #6.
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(W) John Byrne - Jerry Ordway - Jim Starlin (A) Various (CA) John Byrne John Byrne?s bold reinvention of the Superman mythos continues, in stories featuring Green Lantern, Brainiac, Booster Gold, Lex Luthor, and more! In this hardcover collection, Byrne is joined by fellow acclaimed comic book veterans such as Arthur Adams and Jerry Ordway, in stories including the Man of Steel against Toyman, Superman teaming with Green Lantern, and a day at the circus that turns into an encounter with Brainiac! Plus, Byrne teams with legendary Superman artist Curt Swan for the galaxyfaring Superman: The Earth Stealers! This volume collects Superman #12-15, Adventures of Superman #436-438, Action Comics #594-597, Superman: The Earth Stealers #1, Action Comics Annual #1, Superman Annual #1, Adventures of Superman Annual #1, and Booster Gold #23.
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