Chris Burnham

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(W/A) Chris Burnham & Various (CA) Chris Burnham, Adriano Lucas 'The horror fix that fans of the Shudder anthology series have come to expect and appreciate.' -CBR The worldwide phenomenon based on the hit Shudder TV series comes to comics with a collection of can't-miss horror that anthology critics are screaming about! An all-star roster of comics creators brings readers ten uniquely terrifying standalone stories guaranteed to SCARE YOU TO DEATH! Collects CREEPSHOW #1-5
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(W) Chris Burnham & Various (A) Ramon Villalobos, Frank Quitely (CA) Ian Bertram Journey to a Battleworld realm inspired by one of the most celebrated X-Men eras of all! In Mutopia, mutants have shown themselves to truly be superior. But what role do the X-Men play when the world no longer hates and fears them? Ask Magneto -- after all, he's the one in charge of the Xavier Institute; his team includes Quentin Quire, Beak and the Stepford Cuckoos. But not everyone is a fan of these New X-Men. Take Cyclops and his classic X-Men -- Wolverine, Emma Frost and Beast. To save the life of one of their own, old will battle new! Plus: Look back at the kickoff of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's revolutionary NEW X-MEN revamp! Collecting E IS FOR EXTINCTION #1-4 and NEW X-MEN (2001) #114. Rated T+
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