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(W) Frank Pepper (A) Eric Braddock, Alfonso Font Ace fighter pilot Baron Maximilien Von Klorr is the scourge of the skies, menacing the Allied forces during the bloodiest battles in WWI. Skilled, ruthless and in possession of two giant, mutated kingbats who fight by his side, Von Klorr AKA Black Max is almost unstoppable. Only the brave pilots of the Royal Flying Corps, including Lieutenant Tom Wilson, oppose the Black Max's complete dominance of the air. Thrilling supernatural war comics from the pages of classic British comics Lion and Thunder!
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(W) Alex De Campi & Various More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! Lethal creatures escape from a Mega-City lab and go on a murderous rampage in Judge Dredd; more horror is unleashed on Dominion courtesy of the Dark Judges in 'The Torture Garden'; revelations abound in Lawless: 'Ashes to Ashes'; there's a battle to save the colonists in 'Blunt'; and Psi-Judge Lillian Storm investigates a series of strange deaths in 'Storm Warning: Green and Pleasant Land.' Plus interviews, features and more, and in the bagged mini-trade, the second in the best-selling D-Day graphic novel series Battle Presents Operation: Overlord by Bruno Falba and Davide Fabbri!
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(W) Various More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! It's the final confrontation between the lawman and the Black Atlantic pirates in 'Plunder'; there's death and despair in the Badlands in Lawless: 'Boom Town'; Devlin Waugh starts to learn the truth behind the supernatural attack in 'A Very Large Splash'; the Mega-City ship is compromised in series three of 'Blunt'; and in Zombie Army, the exclusive video game tie-in the Deadhunters tool up to battle the undead horde! In addition, in the bagged mini-trade, Vikings vs trolls in the action-packed Black Shuck!
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(W) John Wagner & Various This swinging anthology of ape-related stories explore what happens when criminals try to monkey around with the law in Mega-City One! Spawned from apes who were genetically altered after the Atomic Wars, a sizeable population of simian citizens now live in Mega-City One. Many have turned to crime, including Don Uggie Apelino and his ape gang. Harry Heston, on the other hand, has taken it upon himself to enforce the law, having drawn inspiration from the Big Meg's most notorious lawman, Judge Dredd!
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